The Electric Energy will govern the Energy uses

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The Planets’ future is on the line. Companies and human beings irrupt deliberately in the use of the resources with the sole purpose of looking after for themselves. Nevertheless, there are those that have renounced to the deterioration of the planet and fully bet for a 100% clean electric energy.

Ramón Sans Rovira is an industria ingeneer who has long experience in energy topics and challenges, which are “those that always have concerned me and the liked the most”, He takes on convinced.

He says without hesitating, who has reached a barbaric point that we are all unconsciously doing to the climate”

Sans refers to the fuels exploitation, “resources that the Planet gave us away since centuries ago which we are burning and polluting the atmosphere. This fact will be unbearable for our grandsons and granddaughters. This is the reason.

-What steps should people do to join the responsible consumption?

-The first step will be to shift our contract to an electrical company that commercializes 100% clean electric energy. – Repeats-: 100% clean, because there are companies that state they partially generate it, according to Sans this is not an option.

he continues with the next step and advises “to reduce the electric power contracted to half by installing photovoltaic cells for instance.

The engineer talks about the municipal and regional context and, He ensures that the ideal situation would be generating our own energy, “in a way that is distributed and participated, instead of getting it from big corporations no, no, no, but neighbors participate and obtain important savings and democratize the energy ”

-Then, the more energy self sufficiency…

-This means that the more self sufficiency are more responsible, sustainable and participated will be.

Democratic Energy

To Ramón Sans It is very important to convince individuals to become energy owners and self produce it. “It is becoming more popular to mention the “prosumers”, we are not only consumers”.

-Electric energy will be the main source (95) for the energetic uses: Heating, mobility, lighting, engines, computers, amongst others- says Sans.

Step by step, but not so slowly, electric energy will be 100% clean and the most used to cover the needs of energy uses.

Rovira adds a third step to fulfill to support the responsible consumption: “The self consumption, this is the ideal scenario, a self consumption on the regions through cooperatives or individuals”.

– Will it be easier with the self consumption decree?

-Yes, yes, it will be plenty of aids. I had a government that avoided the self consumption but now it allows the democratization of energy. Now avenues of energy democratization are open.

-Some people think that self consumption is too expensive, is it true?

-On the contrary, it is enormously cheaper! – says firmly.

Ramón Sans lists some savings projections in case the energetic transition is achieved:

Catalonia: investment 47.000 million € = 214 thousand million € of savings.

Segrià: investment 1.361 million € = 5.964 millon € of savings.

Lleida city: investment 853 million € = 3.621 million € of savings

Governments willing to join the responsible consumption here have some data to consider.

All are benefits and self consumption is not more expensive, it is enormously cheaper, he finalizes convinced, Ramón Sans Rovira.

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